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Making a e-dating profile
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 Making the profile
If you decide to join an online dating site, you want to make sure you sound as appealing as you can. You know you’re a wonderful person who deserves to find someone great, but the random strangers who have never met you don’t know that and will not know that unless you present yourself in the best way possible. Here are the do’s and don’ts of making an online dating profile.

DO sound friendly
I don’t care if you think you’re too cool for school and that you want to meet someone who appreciates your sarcastic humor. That’s all good and fine, but not for the first impression. You want to sound approachable so that people will want to message and eventually meet you. Maybe they’ll end up being a sarcastic asshole as well and you’ll be perfect for each other!

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 Be more expressive and open
DON’T have a short and limited profile
I cannot stand it when a person writes under their “about me” section on their online dating profile: “Message me if you want to know!” The reason why there are profiles on dating sites is so that people can pick and choose who to message based on commonalities. Just being super cute is not gonna cut it.

DO have more than one picture
Photos aren’t always reliable. People want to see what you look like from different angles, having different expressions, and doing different interesting things. I know you don’t think people should be so shallow and that it shouldn’t matter what you look like, but the world doesn’t work like that. Attraction is needed. What if you messaged a super cute guy or gal and they only had one really nice picture, but then they looked completely different in real life? It can be…uncomfortable.

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 DON’T put yourself down
DON’T put yourself down!
I know I just said you shouldn’t sound too cocky, but you do intact need to have confidence. It’s a real turn off when you write about how you don’t think you’re very good looking or how your life sucks etc. People want to date happy people who love life! Just emphasize your good qualities in your online dating profile (I know you have them!).

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